Who is The Jokerr?

Aithen DeJhemani boasts his brand as The Universal Flavor of Music and Entertainment.  Being both a multi-racial and multi-cultural musician and entertainer, he contends that his blend of artistic taste represents a uniquely broad blanket that enshrouds the majority of mainstream musical styles and dissolves genre lines. 

Aithen blasted on the scene in 2009 seemingly out of no where with explosively sophisticated and remarkably developed content, taking the independent music world by storm.  Both singing and rapping from the very beginning, it became rapidly apparent that his talent extended far deeper than that of most new artists. There was no development phase, no growth from obscurity, and no trail of footprints betraying his past... He simply appeared; and did so with a fully developed product that contended easily with the most popular artists of any contemporary genre of music. 
Where did he come from? Who is behind this man? Who is he signed to? The questions were pervasive, but the answers scarce. With his enigmatic persona, Aithen went on to garner wide notoriety in the Underground Rap world under the moniker of simply The Jokerr with his "Trail of Destruction" album and videos, and then endeared himself with his fans with his all-vocal album "Sing Aithen, Sing." Never before had an artist been seen who so effortlessly floated across genre lines with such a unique sound and sophistication. 

Always unapologetic, Aithen has been a violently polarizing figure with his shrewd and bold lyrical attacks, but behind the aggression lay a gentle soul with a heart for the forlorn.  His vast discography now covers many facets of the human condition, from anger, to love, and everything in between. With his fantatsy narrative novel constantly in the works, The Jokerr's Legacy is a mirror to his life and his own personal history, wild and sporadic, but always honest. Aithen's hallmark has been, and always will be, authenticity.

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